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    Default We have a good chance of bringing back Raymond Felton next year

    Portland owner Paul Allen has already said he's not trying to be a luxury tax payer in the future. They have a lot of guys who need contracts coming up

    Gerald Wallace, Raymond Felton, Nicolas Batum and Greg Oden

    They already used the amnesty clause on Brandon Roy, so they cant use it for Wesley Matthews nor would they.

    G- ?????
    G- Matthews/Crawford
    F- ?????
    F- Aldridge
    C- ?????

    They def need a Center behind Aldridge which means money gets spent there, they'll def match Batum's offer so Wallace likely walks, now with Felton they have Nolan Smith and Armon Johnson who could be effective there meaning Felton could on his way out and onto FA.

    Now teams like the Lakers and Suns could be looking for PG's and will compete for his services with us. With the trade he might be hesitant so we'd have to add in some major incentives to re-acquire his services. Adding him back will be key for us as he has rapport with STAT and TC, the 2 guys who need him most. He's also familiar so the adjustment will be easy

    G- Felton/Douglas
    G- Fields/Shumpert
    F- Anthony/Draft Pick(Christian Watford or Kris Joseph)
    F- Stoudemire/Harrelson
    C- Chandler/Jordan

    Do you think we can get him back for the 4yr/20mil MLE

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    I don't, he earned $7M/year while with Knicks and would probably look for more $$$ next season. Besides, he's isn't a guy that would be willing to rejoin a team that traded him despite his efforts for the franchise.

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