Sorry guys, we're heading for failure because of our garbage coach.

Do you realize that every game this season including the blowout win in Sacramento we at one time trailed by at least 10 points. We trailed by 15+ or more in 4 of 6 games.

Were last in the league in rebounds,

We're second to last in rebound differential and our opponents rebounds against us almost lead the league (7th).

We lead the league in fouls.

We almost lead the league in turnovers (5th).

We're 20th in PPG with 3 potential all-stars and good supporting cast.

We're 28th in FG% because our guys aren't taking good shots and Antoni's not running plays.

We give up the 10th best FG% to opposing teams.

We're 19th in 3PT%. Our crappy opponents are 6th against us.

We're 25th in assists. Our crappy opponents are 9th against us.

All these stats really show you on paper how bad our coach really is. We need a change of management soon or else we're in for a long @ss season of ridicule.