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    Default New York Knicks @ Washington Wizards - January 6th, 2012 7:00 PM EST

    It's the return...of

    Friday Night Knicks!

    It's January 6th, the luckiest day of the year, hopefully the Knicks aren't going to need it. After some woeful performances, including this week on Wednesday against the Bobcats, we gotta come out playing as an NBA team, a good one at that. We can't let wizardry and luckiness defeat us.

    Starting Line-ups:

    Washington Wizards

    PG-John Wall

    SG-Nick Young

    SF-Rashard Lewis

    PF-Andray Blatche

    C-JaVale McGee

    New York Knicks

    PG-Iman Shumpert

    SG-Landry Fields

    SF-Carmelo Anthony

    PF-Amar'e Stoudemire

    C-Tyson Chandler

    RunningJumper's opinion of the starting line-up:

    - I think Balkman should be starting instead of Amar'e. I know once Amar'e gets rolling he should be in the starting line-up, but he simply doesn't deserve to be a starter over Balkman when Balkman plays defense and does other hustle plays. Amar'e has played like a rookie this season. He needs to prove why he should be paid for his contract. Don't let the whole superstar label and image fool you into thinking that's why he should start tonight.

    - Shumpert should start as PG. So far he's shown to be more of a SG, but we're short-handed, and well, we need good play from our starting PG, even if if he's been playing more as a SG. Douglas has not done that. Fields stays in the starting line-up over Douglas because Shumpert will provide what we need while Fields will do all the off-the-ball plays and rebound, we can't have Douglas jacking up shots starting. Mike D'Antoni said there's a possibly he could be starting after being impressed by his 18 point game against the Bobcats.

    Key match-up


    If Shumpert is the defender he's said to be, which so far he hasn't led us to believe he's not, then he is going to be a big part of defending Wall, and possibly the biggest part of winning the game. Wall is a bullet, no pun intended, in the fastbreak, good thing for us, Shumpert has great speed, vertical, and strength to match. Last season Wall has shown he needs to work on finishing near the rim. Did he improve this season significantly? Well if he did, it didn't equate to wins. Still, he's a threat on the fastbreak and near the basket.

    After seeing this lay-up at :27, the thought of our rookie possessing John Wall speed with his other offensive and defensive abilities, made me look forward to him even more. This makes for an interesting, and maybe exciting match-up.

    Sadly, Ronny Turiaf won't be playing tonight for the Wizards because of a broken left hand, same injury Manu Ginobli got this week.

    At least we got the bearded ones (Baron) on the suit team tonight!

    In The Hotseat

    D'Antoni has left many fans unhappy, including fans at the Garden who let it be known there and many posters who let it be known here. This might be his biggest game going against a 0-6 team with a Knicks core that should be enough to get a victory. If he wants to keep Dolan and Grunwald from being that disgruntled this early on, we must win.

    New York Knicks Scene Girl of the night

    I wonder if any exists...I hope.

    Go Knicks!

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