Tight thread. Well done

If not for Shumpert this game could well have us looking like a battered, abused woman all game.

And I still kinda expect Wall to abuse Amare at least once tonight in one huge smfh play.

Good Amare would have him let Blatche get his eats in, perhaps, but would also feature Good Amare having a 5course feast.

Now that we have Bad Amare and his reliance on jump shoots...who knows.

We need Shump at the top of his game, especially defensively. He can't allow Wall to penetrate often and with ease.

If Shump isn't lockdown, and with the recent play of Amare......

Wall, Blatche and McGee could just have a field day all over our face, regardless of Chandler's prescense.

I'm saying a prayer that Shump at the 1 experiment is a fruitful one, too. Would be huge until Baron gets in, in which case we can then slot Shump in as the starting 2.