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Nice game thread running jumper...are u a westcoast homie? I only ask that because those look like westcoast rappers in the songs u posted, i know at least yukmouth is.

That scene girl of the night looks sorta gothic and young...bro im gonna need to see some proof that this girl is 18. That must be the younger sister of somebody that posts on here. JPZ's gonna be mad when he sees his little sis
Nope, New Jersey, close to New York. I was talking to people online in a chat and somebody linked to that. As soon as I saw "Red Wine" as the name Lady GaGa's Just Dance came to my mind because "RedOne" in it sounds like that, and to my nice surprise, it was sampled.

LOLLLLLL If that's jpz's sis I'm gonna have to work on meeting her jk.