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    Originally Posted by KingStarbury3
    Nice game thread running jumper...are u a westcoast homie? I only ask that because those look like westcoast rappers in the songs u posted, i know at least yukmouth is.

    That scene girl of the night looks sorta gothic and young...bro im gonna need to see some proof that this girl is 18. That must be the younger sister of somebody that posts on here. JPZ's gonna be mad when he sees his little sis
    Nope, New Jersey, close to New York. I was talking to people online in a chat and somebody linked to that. As soon as I saw "Red Wine" as the name Lady GaGa's Just Dance came to my mind because "RedOne" in it sounds like that, and to my nice surprise, it was sampled.

    LOLLLLLL If that's jpz's sis I'm gonna have to work on meeting her jk.

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    Just watched the game again.... And yeah their was stretches where the Knicks looked like the real deal ( even if it was the wizards).... Also Jorts doesn't score but as I said in another thread he plays well as the first PF off the bench bringing all the PF intangibles you could ask for (RB, Blocking, clogging lanes, and boxing out) I see shumpert being the Knicks future swingman so if anything I think they need a good sub for Melo. Maybe Fields can do it but it's a need, when he is in foul trouble Billy walker isn't a viable answer. It doesn't need to be a great player just someone who can play the sf better than what the Knicks have....

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    Bibby made the best foul of all-time.

    Red's "IMAX" nickname brings a dimension of aesthetics to Shumpert's greatness that otherwise wouldn't be there. That's a superstar nickname.

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    Thanks for the GT, RJ.

    Great to get a win [against the worst team in the league] - but a win's a win! We needed it, STAT needed a good night, too.

    We had flashes of brilliance and stank of sub-mediocrity as well.

    Plenty to complain about on this one, but just severely stoked not to have another blemish against a **** team.

    Shump is the real deal. Looks like a vet out there and made more experienced players, Young especially, look like first gamers.

    I liked STAT's effort 75% of the time, but the defensive effort needs to pick up and be consistent.

    Douglas and Fields are awful, we still need to run some half-court sets BADLY!

    I liked the passing and Melo's attacking the hoop. He also found some sync with Amar'e - though not on designed plays ~ no surprises there.

    I'd say we're half way to where we need to be.

    Shump at point is a no brainer. He dimes, sets up, plays the ball hard, talks; such an inspiration for us right now.

    I was happy with Douglas' not chucking his way in to ruining our offense. Shows how ineffective he really is, mind you, and he sat most of the game where he belongs: next to Jerome Jordan. I'm looking forward to B Diddy's debut, and would like to see both he and Shump in the starting 5. If/once that happens, I'm also looking forward to seeing a real second unit get a shot:


    I think that will give both Fields and TD a chance to play there games at full throttle, and they'll get the confidence and sense of a niche that they need.

    Props to Jorts for his effort.

    A win is a win, is a win, is a win.
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    We lucked out against the worst team in the league, no way to get excited!

    Bibby doesn't foul McGee and we lose this one too.....just saying.

    Bibby had a freak night, where he hit all of his threes, took a charge and commited a brilliant foul against McGee....Bibby plays like his normal self and we lose this one...just saying.

    In the end though a win is a win and D'Antoni badly needed this one. Now his parole got prolonged and our consistent struggle of a win followed by a loss will continue.

    We still didn't play well at all last night. There were a couple of offensive possesions that actually looked like proper basketball, but defense still sucked, if Washington had a half decent know the rest.

    Fields, Douglas and Walker are D-League players, my god they are awful.....

    Fortunately for us, Washington had a couple D-Leaguers out there too, like Chris Singleton or Jordan Crawford. Rashard Lewis played like a piece of ****.

    Detroit aren't much better though and I can see the Knicks win that game aswell, still won't change the fact that we're not a good basketball team this season.

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    Originally Posted by MeloforMayor
    I need to watch the gaaaaaaaaaaaaame!!!! I need my daily dose of Knicks basketball!!!!
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