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Yeah I agree, especially games we are doing ok in, I'd like to find Jordan a solid 8 minutes, helps him develop and gets TC a little rest. Don't expect 15-20 or anything but he's shown a bit in preseason and limited time, and there are games where size is more useful too (prob Charlotte...) that he could be used. In a tight game against a team with quick athletic bigs like maybe a LA Clippers I could see him getting splinters, but there are plenty of games he should get at least 5 minutes and that doesn't mean him getting 5 minutes in garbage time tonight

looking at Jerome Jordan tall-man performance the guy box-out well, rebound well, screen well, and pass to the open man well to start a fastbreak or when Jordan is standing (zone) at the foul line with the ball over his head looking for the open man (alley-oop to Shump)....Jordan deserve 6 straight minutes of playingtime in 2 or 3 quarters per game in this close 66 game schedual.

Players like Blake Griifin, D.Howard, Horford, Duncan, KG, Bosh, Boozer, Love,
Zack, Aldridge, will all attack Tyson Chandler early in the game looking to get
Tyson in foul trouble.
Having Amare switch to center to backup a Tyson in early foul trouble is all
good but....if Jorts keep looking to score from the 3-ball line when we need him
to screen for cutters/slashers/and to box-out for an offensive-rebound -vs-
decent teams we are back to where we started at the begining of the season.