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Another good game....I mention Kemba Walker being the best PG in the 2011
draft class in the other Hornets Game-thread with Kyrie & Knight tied for 2nd.
Kemba Walker style only made DJ Augustine pick-up his performance another notch.
Henderson is their sleeper (penetrating Shump) we have to watchout for.

The Hornets young trio guard-rotation (DJ/Henderson/Walker) tore us out the
frame with their speedy-transition and high court-vision penetration for 118 points.

Our guard-rotation cant touch the Hornets trio of creative-guards without a
same-page defensive system....this is where our BIG-3 frontcourt bigmen are
suppose to step up their unstoppable performance with inside scoring keeping
the Hornets in early foul trouble each quarter (Jorts too).

We suppose to out-rebound the Hornets by 10, by dominating strong on
offensive boards (Jorts too), forcing Hornets to foul us so we go to the foul
line for FTA, our FG percentage should be above 50% with inside scoring, while
doing our best to force Hornets guards to a halfcourt-offense set to shoot
43% from FG taking the majority of their shots from the peremeter.

We also have to cut down on letting Melo & Stat put the ball on the floor
with a quick stealing little-DJ/Henderson/Walker coming from behind to swat
their dribble, we need some screen/picks for a cutting/slashing Melo & Stat
to score easy, plus we have to start throwing the ball high to Tyson Chandler,
Stat, and Jorts above their heads so we could cut down on turnovers from our
bigmen who dont need to put the ball below their chest.

Knicks by 13+ points over Hornets
The Hornets??

This ain't 1998 bro

The Hornets are in New Orleans for a decade now, but we play the Charlotte Bobcats tonight