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At the start of the game our PG should be calling design plays to
get teammates
warmed-up by getting touches and a chance to score on offense.

If Dantoni had a coaching system Bibby would be the perfect starting PG.

We dont have any design-plays for players or a high or low post-up Stat or
Tyson at the foul-line to pass the ball around.
Think Duncan/KG/Dirk/Bosh/Noah getting the ball at the foul line to pass to cutters.

Shump style brings energy....which we need coming off our bench for 30+ minutes!!!
Yeah... I agree and disagree, I think Shumpert would be great for our 2nd unit to give us punch when starters rest, but I think the idea is to try to alternate who rests out of Stat and Melo most of the time, and I don't think without Baron we have any other option, I agree with Shumpert big minutes off bench but don't think Bibby is the perfect starter, he has no ability to break down defense right now, I think we'd again be stuck passing around perimeter and forcing shots