Another win was is great but yet antoher pathetic coaching display.

Why doesn`t the coach bring Bibby in for Shump and Douglas in for Fileds. Bibby is a point guard, okay, maybe he doesn`t have much left in the tank but he is a point guard so why not replace our starting point guard with a backup PG instead of with a player like Toney who is not a PG? This baffles me. It`s another ocassion where the idiot of a coach makes the game more complicated when it needs to be. Toney Douglas would be much better coming off the bench for Fields and playing the 2. But the idiot coach puts him in at PG and Bibby, a PG comes in for Fileds at the two. Make sense of that. I just don`t understand this obsession he has with trying to make square pegs fit into round holes. Just replace a PG with a PG and put Toney on as the two guard. Simple. Why does he insist with going to Bill Walker so much? Walker, in my ever so humble opinion, has nothing to offer.

why did Bibby get so few minutes last night after playing so well in the previous game? It was Bibby who opened the lead for the Knicks against the Pistons and the Knicks were never in danger after that. So, what does the coach do, give him a tiny number of minutes in the next game. This has been a D`Antoni tactic for years and it is pathetic.

Yet again our starters get heavy minutes, far too many in this truncated season. Okay, many will argue that our bench is dreadful and only got three points, and I agree. But, what do you expect from bench players who get hardly any minutes. You can`t expect players to sit "cold" on the bench and then expect them to come off the bench "game ready" and scoring. No Balkman, no Jordan. At this rate our starters will either be burned out by mid-season or injured. This is the bench that we have, for better or for worse, so we have to use it. It looked like he was trying to return to his horrible short rotation last night. That hurts the team in a normal season let alone one of this short length.

I`m so sick of this phoney coach and his terrible decision making. His lack of plays, his "chuck it and see" philosophy. His terrible substitution patterns and his heavy minutes for our starters. I think that come what may D`Antoni will be with us for this whole season but I am praying that whatever happens this season he will not be the head coach, towel holder or even toilet cleaner for the New York Knicks at the beginning of next season.