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    Default Would you be willing to get Kenyon Martin AND J.R. Smith when they're available?

    If J.R. is willing to accept a "small" amount, and to play with one of his former teammates again, would you sign him in March or whenever?

    Yes, we do have to see what Douglas does first, also if Bibby keeps up good play. If they do, then we don't need him, but we should be keeping him in mind 'till then.

    Could teams even offer either of them much more with not much time left 'till the Playoffs?

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    JR Smith, Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin are all tight.

    JR Smith is a chucker who should only play about 15 minutes a game because he's ineffective playing in long spurts because 1 he gets bored when he's not getting the ball 2 he slacks on D if he's not scoring 3 he's a volume scorer meaning he needs 15 shots to get 15 points but he could be a great energy guy off the bench playing the Crawford role, he's always in the top of the 6th Man voting and I think if he comes here he'll become a better defender. He'll be close to home and with friends so I could see him having a huge impact

    Kenyon Martin should take Jeffries role, he does everything Jeffries does but better also he can score. I think we get K-Mart and not JR though I'll take both though imagine a healthy depth chart of

    PG- Baron Davis/Mike Bibby/Toney Douglas
    SG- Iman "ROY" Shumpert/JR Smith/Bill Walker
    SF- Carmelo "MVP" Anthony/Landry Fields/Renaldo "Not to be confused with Rolando" Balkman
    PF- Amar'e Stoudemire/Kenyon Martin/Steve Novak
    C- Tyson "DPOY" Chandler/Josh Harrellson/Jerome "The Other" Jordan

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    JRS would be probably the most spectacular finisher on this team, but I have to agree with CA7, besides of his offensive skills I don't see any reason why we should sign him. We need more and more defense and he doesn't fit in. But still, if I followed my love for the game I'd sign him any day of the week, just to see him dunking like this:

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    As mentioned above I don`t see any reason for signing this guy. He plays no D and that`s what we need more of.

    Having said that he is the perfect player for our moron of a coach. Plays no D and spends his whole time chucking up shots with very little control or thought. Perfect for D`Antoni`s system so you never know.

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    How could we afford JR smith he could make 4-6 mil anywhere else? I would definitely take him over Toney Douglas however. Douglas is a small SG, at least JR has SG height.

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    No need for JR Smith, hes the same player as Shumpert. However Shumpert plays D and is hungry. I dont see a problem with adding Kmart. We have a bunch of guards once Baron gets back so we'll see who outplays one another for PT

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    sign and trade for wilson chandler tony douglas and feilds lets make it happppen

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