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    Default WTF? NBC Allege Knicks Prepared To Trade STAT FOr D12 Rental

    The Knicks have opened talks that would send Amare Stoudemire to Orlando in a swap to rent Dwight Howard, reports Donny Marshall — former NBA player and current CSNNE reporter — on NBC SportsTalk Thursday. In the video above the talk of the trade starts at the 3:30 mark.

    There are a whole lot of questions around this one. Starting with, the Knicks are not one of the teams on Howard’s list where he said he would sign an extension (Nets, Lakers, Mavericks and Magic). If they get him, the Knicks would essentially risk just renting him because Howard could opt out at the end of the season and leave with the Knicks getting no compensation. Clearly, if they got him they think they could get him to change his mind and sign long term.

    Thing is the Knicks already have a good center — they just signed Tyson Chandler to a four-year, $58 million deal. Is the plan to ship Chandler out, too? Trade him to Orlando for the Hedo Turkoglu deal? Because the cost of keeping Howard (who will get a new max deal) and Chandler would put the Knicks way into the new, increasingly stiff luxury tax.

    Would the Knicks really ship out Stoudemire, the guy who came in to inspire the fan base after the Knicks missed on LeBron James? That just seems cold.

    This report comes just after we heard the Warriors are aggressively going after Howard as a rental.

    Two things. First, if and when the Magic do decide to seriously entertain offers for Howard there will be bids from 29 other teams. He’s the best center walking the planet, a franchise anchor, you’d be foolish not to at least take a shot.

    Second, if I were the Magic and were trying to get better offers out of the Nets and Lakers, I would be leaking all kinds of “hey, team X wants to give us all this just to rent Howard” rumors in an effort to drive up the price. I have no doubt Marshall heard this from a reliable source, I’m just saying this plays into the Magic’s hands. When you hear NBA rumors, think about who benefits from having that information public, it gives everything a different perspective.

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    ****ing hell! Wonder where they got this from?

    If it's a fabrication, that's pretty wrong.

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    Jesus Titty****ing Batman!

    If there is validity to this...I'm assuming it *must* be with us trading Chandler, and receiving Turk, as well. It sweetens the pot for ORL, and makes the trade realistic from a roster standpoint, and salary standpoint.

    Hottdamn...imagine the steaks (50ounce filet mignon gravity) if we did this, and it was without a commitment of enthusiasm, let alone contractual commitment, from Howard.

    Turk would be like a poor man's Gallo for us, and assume more of a true point forward role from the 4, while spacing the floor I guess?

    I will say, moving forward, this would prolly free us up some extra salary cap space and manueverability (unless Turk's deal is more of an alabatross than I think it to be).

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    If Amar'e continues to play well, definitely NO. We have a good defensive center. All of our big contracts are premiere players, taking Turkoglu's contracts would mess that up. He's not a bad player, but I wouldn't risk it. Remember, we also have the MLE to offer next season, and Baron Davis will help a LOT even if Stoudemire isn't struggling.

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    ..I have to go with I hope this doesnt happen.

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    No trades, we just need to build chemistry with the guys we have.

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    1: "a person close to the team for a very long time" - Thomas
    2: blah, blah, blah, remember all those source reports saying Paul's going to be traded to NY?

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    I'd like to think the Knicks have "leaked" this bit of bull**** to make the Nets panic and give up more than they have to. I'm convinced there's a lot of this going around, Boston "shopping" Rondo for example I'm convinced was just a wind up.

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    Why not those punks the Nyets were the major reason we ended up paying fair price and were the reason why Gallo & Wilson had to leave (ignoring Dolans mental disparities of course). If the Knicks can ruin the deal or just force them to trade more picks and slow their depth rebuild to 3 seasons I'm cool with it.

    I don't believe in the Amare trade rumors and Tyson is looking like a top 5 Center out there (I think he is a top 5 center honestly). Also this trade couldn't happen until march but Orlando is not going to trade Dwight until after the All Star Game. but the knicks should help Orlando bleed the Nets dry tit for tat.

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    Not gonna happen, **** journalism!

    What I don't understand though is: How on earth can the Nets be on your list of interest? We're talking about the Nets for christ's sake!!!!???

    What's wrong with Howard? Have the roids actually killed his braincells?

    Nobody wants to be a Net, not even Deron Williams

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