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    Originally Posted by clumsy
    Stat should play uptempo. Melo likes to take his time. It would be interesting if you played them at different times.
    Agreed and it does happen almost every game. There are plenty of times where Amar'e's out there while Melo sits and vice versa.. It's a nice luxury to have, having the ability to play one star player while another one rests. No argument there. Most teams don't have that..Amar'e & Melo aren't the problem. Still think Melo can play uptempo with the right guards alongside him pushing the pace. Trust me, he'd probably welcome it. Any player would -- that's why players love D'Antoni and want to play for him. He can't play anything remotely close to SSOL because he doesn't have those types of guards except for Iman Shumpert who, let's be honest, is only a rookie and still developing/emerging.

    Let's talk about the guard play, man...That's the problem...Shump's a good player -- every other guard on this team is suspect right now to say the least. On the flip side, most teams don't have this issue either..As good as our frontcourt is, we might have the thinest guard rotation in the league right now pound for pound..Paper thin and not very talented, again except for Shumpert. To me it's a MAJOR problem. Note to Grunwald: I'm beggin' ya man, TWEAK IT!! There's good guard talent out there ready for pick up. Go get 'em!!
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