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    Default Some Analysis Games 1-9

    1. STAT has been attacking as of late and has had the game we need out of him. Last 3 games 25/12, 23/12 and 22/8 he hasn't had any blocks but get us 2 blocks and those numbers and you're back. Thats the STAT we need

    2. Melo isn't getting any easy shots because of D'Antoni only calling iso plays and teammates not being able to create for him. They're giving him the ball too late and need to make moves at getting him easy shots so he doesn't have to force the issue. We all know when Melo gets hot its over so make it easier on him Shumpert/Stoudemire/D'Antoni

    3. Ty Chan has been everything we needed and expected. Keep this **** up

    4. Shumpert is the most under rated rookie. He's Wade 2.0 and will most likely have a better jump shot. As he goes we go, a lot of people wanted Chris Singleton, well ask me would you change the pick now

    5. Landry Fields is okay. He's a decent role player but he belongs on a team without 2 dominant super stars. I think he'd thrive in Orlando, Memphis or San Antonio. He's not the answer at the 2 but he's serviceable for now

    6. Toney Douglas has lost all his confidence, hopefully he turns back into our streaky shooting, pesky defender off the bench who can score 30 when he's hot

    7. Others- Everyone else has minor roles on our team and are playing as good as we need them to. Jorts is banging, Bibby is swishin, Walker is serviceable and Jordan, Novak, Balkman and Lin are solid 11-14 guys for us

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    Default a little rant

    when baron comes back i expect everything to come together he distributes and we all know what d antoni can do with an actual point guard, remember duhon? unless it backfires which i hope it does not then i expect big things out of these five

    baron shump melo stat chandler

    right there is a good mix of defense and offense to create a beast starting five

    with feilds coming off the bench i feel like he will thrive as long as he is not on the floor with melo then i believe he will be good

    another thing is that bill walker pisses me the **** off he doesnt do anything hes a solid defender at best but nothing else a couple threes here and there but i say we cut him and sign bogans we'd be better off doing that

    i also think td shud reach out to clyde for help learning the basics to being a point guard if i remember correctly clyde wanted to help out with one of the players a while ago but mike fagtoni sed no

    the end

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    It's too early to analize anything. We haven't played anyone good yet. We are 7th seed and still no games versus teams that are above us in standings.

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    Unhappy Lets call it as we see it

    After 9 games we are considered the "Isolation Knicks Team" with a 5-4 record.

    Its not about analysis on individual players....its about Team-Performance.
    Our team-offense gets a C+
    Our team-defense gets a C-

    How will those low grades in team-performance effect the Iso-Knicks next
    10 games with the first 4 games out of the 10 being against playoff teams
    (76ers, Grizz, OKC, Magic)? plus 6 teams out of the Iso-Knicks next 10
    oponents being playoff teams?

    Will the Iso-Knicks improve their team-performance grade to a B-? by having
    a 5-5 record in the next 10 games?
    or will the Iso-Knicks lose confidence in improving their low team-performance
    in the next 5 games -vs- 4 different playoff oponents?

    This is written on the grounds of the Iso-Knicks having a flawed headcoach
    "Damnphoney" who concept on offense is SSOL (which means no design-plays)
    individual-performance (Iso), and the defensive concept is dont waist energy
    playing defense when Dantoni want all your 30+ minutes of energy focus on
    iso offense....which mean in a small rotation 2 or 3 players playing man to man defense...

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