I love STAT's penetrate and inside game. That is the game he should play on this team and he's playing it well.

☆ 3 things I've spotted with Carmelo:

1. That offensive foul was him reacting to a former tangle up with Iguodala and he threw a cheap shot. Stupid. These 2 could go for a double T. Iguodala winning the battle - taking Melo out of his game.

2. When Mike confronted him about it during the 3:00(ish) time out in the 2nd, Melo scowled and complained.

3. When D'Ant was talking to Melo in the 1st, Melo ignored him and continued speaking with Woodson.

Oh dear.

6ers doubling Melo heavily, and we need some better movement to contest that.

☆ Fields' defense has been excellent

Defense in general has been very good.