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The Knicks really messed it up towards the end of the fourth quarter. This team has still yet to show that it can really close out games...the turnovers in the 4th quarter were painful to watch. A win is a win, though.

That being said I do have to point attention to one thing - the Knicks, in this game, did not win by relying on exclusively scoring. They did not simply win by outscoring the opponent with high shot volume. They played defense and they got stops and forced turnovers. They OUTREBOUNDED the other team (which is something that never happens), we had good rebounding from MTA and Shumpert finally is seeing the fruits of his crappy shot selection - some of the shots he chucked up in the 4th quarter were painful.

That being said, I think the Knicks can take away a lot from this game. Namely how to better utilize STAT at his fullest extent - the guy was a MONSTER tonight...10 boards, 20 points on 57% shooting...
Monster ? easy does it...9 out of 10 rebounds were easy defensive rebounds with nobody near him.