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    Default [Daily News] Danilo says Knicks didn't need Melo

    [...]Before the Knicks scrapped their grassroots plan to acquire an elite scorer in Anthony, Gallinari was helping the Knicks earn their first playoff berth in 10 years. Amar’e Stoudemire was emerging as an MVP candidate, while Landry Fields was one of the league’s top rookies.

    For better or worse, the Knicks went in a different direction after landing Anthony, who controls the ball and the shot clock, often at the expense of ball movement. Neither Fields nor Stoudemire have been the same since the trade.

    The Nuggets are 25-11 since the trade, their latest win coming Wednesday night against the Nets, 123-115. The Knicks are 20-18, not including getting swept in the opening round of the playoffs.

    “I don’t know (why Stoudemire and Fields have struggled). We were for sure, after the trade, we were two different teams,” Gallinari said. “Before and after the trade, two very different teams.”[...]

    Read more: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Am i the only one who kept wondering how the prior-anthony team would had finished last season?

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    until gallo hits a game winning lay up he should zip it.

    he just mad b/c his coach does speak italian to him. don't worry buddy we will send dantoni out to you soon enough.

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    I read that whole article and didn't come away thinking, "damn, Gallo just dissed the Knicks, or Melo." Seems to me he's just stating some facts...nothing to see here IMO. The media looking for scraps.

    The pre-Melo team was playoff bound, but I believe would have been bounced in the 1st anyway. I for one am DOWNRIGHT GIDDY that this team has a cold-blooded closer like Melo when the chips are down. You can't say that about anybody else involved in the trade.

    Thanks for the link and the read.
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    Pre Melo team had the potential of a perennial 2nd round exit...

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    Thumbs up Did owner Dolan chose the right option?

    Gallo article makes a helluva great point.....
    Melo -vs- co-existing young depth-players (C-Mozgov, SF-Gallo, SF-Chandler,
    PG-Felton) = less than $17M per. Think about their trade value after playing 2-
    seasons together as a 2nd round playoff team?

    The Pre-Melo Knicks wouldve been 3 times better on offense/defense than
    what we have today....Gallo were playing real hustle-defense, moving without
    the ball plus refusing to just hangout on the 3-ball line, which we all seen
    Kiyaman didnt bash Gallo one game lastseason.
    Dantoni is a different story.

    The "trio" of W.Chandler/Gallo/Fields talents were improving and co-existing
    as the season went on, it was that "trio" of players that complimented C-
    Mozgov best talents to be put back into the rotation by having TD, Fields,
    Gallo, and Chandler passing the ball to Mozgov & Turiaf in the paint for a
    inside basket. It was not hard to see the confidence level of the "trio"
    passing-game with one another improve every time Stat were sitting on the bench.
    Stats consecutive 30 point games had huge help from his teammates to keep
    the flow of Knicks winning streak. Rookie Landry Fields were allowed to participate
    on the offensive-end of the court consistently (I believe Fields stats when
    we beat the Miami Heat were 19 pts, 13 rbs, 4 ast, 1 stl, 1 blk).
    Today, Landry Fields is not part of the Knicks offense in any manner of the game....
    making Fields look as unhappy as DNP players Bibby, Balkman, and Jerome Jordan
    sitting on the bench.

    It is true, we did not have a great #1 scorer (Melo) we can count on to score
    or go to the foul line within the last seconds of a game for a win.
    Truethat....Melo is one of the top-5 players in the NBA u want the ball in his
    hands at crucial moments.

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    Not this **** again

    Pre-Melo Trade....not shot at a title

    Post-Melo Trade.....CONTENDERS

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