Isiah Thomas has done a good job so far in the massive cleanup job after the Layden's demolition of our franchise pride and identity(which was not long ago). I think we all knew as knicks fans what kind of era he was leading the franchise into when he drafted Fredirick Weiss (an unknown Frenchman) instead of Ron Artest (already a Garden favorite). We are still reeling from Layden's mismanagement with the franchise being capped out until 2007. Isiah Thomas has managed to trade overpaid players that were never good (guys like Clarence Weatherspoon and Howard Eisly) for a franchise player (marbury) and overpaid guys that were once good(Hardaway).
The knicks are still stuck with the worst move of the Layden era, Shandon Anderson. Its tough to digest the fact that Layden rewarded Shandon for his servicce in Utah by shelling out a huge contract paid for by the knicks. I guess the Jazz can thank us later for motivating their bench players (they too may be rewarded for their Utah Bench play with huge deals). That is if Layden was still in control.
There are not many teams that would accept a contract as large as Shandon's. Buying out his contract would not be wise (although it is probably inevitable) because there is a very high chance he will be picked up by a conference rival and revive his career. Perhaps Thomas can engineer a trade with Minnesota- Shandon Anderson and Kurt Thomas for Wally Szerbiak and Earvin Johnson. Wally has a huge contract so getting rid of it should be incentive for Minnesota but I think its still a long shot. Isiah Thomas should have traded Shandon Anderson during the Crawford sign and trade (we did end up with Jerome WIlliams who is making almost as much money as Shandon and his contract is a year earlier). Without any more contract year players on the roster Isiah is out of tradeable pawns. But he has surprised us before with some flashy trades let us hope he can do it again. As long as Dolan gives him an open checkbook anything is possible though. If you guys have any ideas on trading Shandon Anderson or any other deadweight on the knicks you should post but do some background work, looking up salaries and injury reports, and try to make the trades feasible (talentwise and econmically)
Sorry the message is long but the knicks are in a pretty bad position right now that probablyonly time can solve...
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