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Smh. Lol.

You know NYK fan bitterness is back in full swing, and we have a new straw man to hate in NYC...

When we hold ORL to below 50 while winning at the half....and if you just read the thread it'd look like we're getting blown out by Charlotte again.
The guy is a terrible coach. Sorry, we don't get blinded by a 5 point lead...

We're doing all the same sh*t we've been doing wrong all season minus a few things. When we start to see our team run plays other than the pick & roll and ISO then we'll be happier. We aint going to win sh*t tho with out running plays and guarding the 3 ball.

Some of the positives I've seen today is our rotation (minus Fields) has been good, Douglas and Fields are driving the ball well and we're not chucking as much. Props to MDA for fixing those issues. Let's see if they stick with it.