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I don't get how people can genuinely think Fields is a bad player for where we drafted him and how he's performed overall he's a good player. His defense is no worse than anyone else on the team not named Tyson Chandler.

If he looks lost out there maybe it's because this team has changed more than a baby's diaper in the past year and he's struggling to keep up.

Next up is going to be "Iman Shumpert is ****!" because he's a projected late first/early second who we happen to be playing 30 mpg because we have absolutely no depth. Is it his fault that he can't run an NBA offense straight out of college as a combo guard that no one even thought could hit a jumpshot the day he was drafted?
One of my homeboys went undrafted from Ohio State, does that mean he'd be a decent baller in the NBA, because he's great value?

Fields is just terrible. Ray Felton and the uptempo system we ran last season made him look good and heavily inflated his stats. There are maybe 5-6 teams out there where he could actually crack the rotation for 8-10 mpg. On those other teams he would be a DNP guy every night, let alone start at the SG spot!