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About the only thing good that happened this game was the for the first time ever, an all-star big man came into MSG and didn't have a career night.

That was about the only thing good that happened.

No! the best thing that happen in this game for the Knicks is when Jefferies
stepped up to D.Howard for elbowing rookie Jorts. Something u havnt seen
Tyson, Stat, or Melo do for any of their teammates.

Toney Douglas gets knocked down by high screens and low screens 2 and 3
times a game, none of our BIGS ever call out or warn TD of our oponents screens.
Whats worst than that....none of our BIGS set screens for any of our PG.
I watched several times when Jorts was two steps away from Melo or Shump to where if Jorts wouldve turned he couldve set a nice wide screen for either Melo or Shump to dribble around. but Jorts just stand at the side of the foul line to watch Melo and Shump shoot or drive the lane.
Our players are picking up to many damn bad habits from DUM coach Damnphony...