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Anderson was NOT DEFENDED PERIOD. AS CHAS BARKLEY said the Knicks are not a good basketball team...good starts with defense which AMARE refuses to play...goes one on one...never in the flow. I think balkman is better than JEFFRIES by a mile..he sits Jeffries plays. It must be personal between Balkman and D'Antoni...who must go.
Both them should be playing at the same time when Carmelo's not in the game, thats when u need the most defense to compensate of the loss of offense. Balkman is the better of the 2, hes more likely to make an impact on offense...not just defense. Not that either of them will ever average double figures in points, but I would almost go as far as to say they do great things on defense. Just shy of great...very good. I liked seeing Jeffries at PF too next to Chandler. Half of the Jeffries haters probably never knew or dont know how to play defense, hence the reason why they dont understand his value. Thats not aimed at you either, its aimed at whoever thinks it applies to them. Just be honest with yourselves, if your getting scored on non stop by your opponents (pause) and u hate Jeffries step forward