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The game was actually going pretty well until the Magic went Zone in the 4th quarter.

When teams go zone there's no real way to beat them without making shots and my goodness these Knicks cannot make a shot for their damn lives.

Landry Fields hit 39% of his 3's last year - he's hitting a mere 21% this year.

Toney Douglas, who hit 37% last year and 39% the year before that, is hitting a mere 23% this year.

Bill Walker, who hit 43% two years ago, and 38.6% last year, is only hitting 30.6% this year.

Until these guys figure it out, the Knicks will not win. Every team in the NBA knows that all they need to do is play a zone defense against us and make us shoot. D'Antoni teams have known to be good shooting teams and yet they're bricking freaking EVERYTHING out there. Jorts and Bibby are the only ones who have made 3's for us this year and until other players start HITTING some of the 3's they're taking, we're going to be crap.

I agree with Kiyaman on the poor usage of Balkman and Jordan as well. It didn't factor as much into this game, but I still think that not using these guys is stupid.

Here's another thing I don't understand. The Magic went to a zone defense. The only way to beat a zone is by shooting the ball well because you can't drive or you'll probably get called for a charge. The Suns did the same thing against the Spurs a couple of years ago - Gentry used the zone to do really well against the Spurs and IIRC that's how they finally got past the Spurs in the playoffs (only to run up against Kobe who was out for blood).

Why, then, did a certain man named STEVE NOVAK who has been shooting the ball AMAZINGLY with the Knicks, not even get a single OUNCE of playing time? That **** is whack...instead we gave the ball to Carmelo who chucked his way to a loss...SMH this is common sense. I mean if you think about it Novak is our version of Ryan Anderson - a one-dimensional guy who can't do anything other than shoot the ball. Why, then, did we not put him in? Especially since everyone else on our team was ****ting bricks out there? God damn this coach has no common sense whatsoever
The Simple answer is Dantonio....He makes up his mind before the game and no matter what the situation he will not change it,,,,,,,Its like putting square blocks into a round hole...

Not sure how he is a human being but as a coach he is very arrogant.

3's. 3's and more 3's.....In his world if we make 5 for 12 its the same as 5 for 20...we still get 15 points