This is the trade that MUST be made. To not make this trade happen would be a catastrophic failure for both teams.

Amar'e puts Minny over the top by providing the veteran edge they're missing. Can't keep stocking talent forever, gotta go for the gold when the iron is hot. Kevin Love with the jumper, the dunk, the ridiculous boards, then you have Amar'e the slash dunk in the faces, RUBIO DISTRIBUTING to these two STONE COLD BUCKET DROPERS.

Knicks get Pekovic, guy is a beast and he will play in the mud for you, get dirty and beast down there. Guy is improving by the minute like he is an animal or something. Take Darko Milicic as contract filler, whatever, he can't hurt maybe Woodson tough love will get a few boards out of him. Then you have BEASE as sixth man because JR will walk. That's a crazy line up for us. If Darko is not signed for next year, you can replace him with some wack filler, it doesn't matter. Our goal is Pekovic and to a lesser extent SuperBeas, who will fit in great under Melo's big wings.