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If what you say about Iggy is true (haven't seen him enough to form an opinion), it would be for yet another reason: Lin is also a very good perimeter defender.
It would be a team with 3 elite defenders in Iggy, Shump and Chandler. Melo and Lin are sound defenders and could hold their man.

It's honestly a greater version of the team we played in April with STAT & Lin out. Except Lin is back in and Iggy replaces Fields. Our defense get even more solid and I think our offense would be more balanced and potentially better than it is now. With everyone knowing their place with Melo as #1 option and Tyson not having to fight with Stat for PnR touches.

Can you imagine how our shooters would benefit? Lin, Iggy and Melo are all very good at penetrating the lane and dishing it to shooters, hell even Shump can do it consistently.