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During today's game against the Clippers the announcers mention the Knicks need to get bigger and I agree. They mention the Jazz to be a team to look to because they have many. Now that Amare is showing some promise (he's playing well), we could possibly get rid of his contract by trading him for Al Jefferson. Al is also coming off a bad contract ending this season, this not only helps the Knicks but also saves money. We would also give up Shump but get a good deal back with Favors and Foye.

The Jazz will still have plenty of money to spend, stay young, and can possibly get more out of Amare playing the Center position. Stat is still a star player, just not on the Knicks. The team is going to have to rebuild and having Stat for next season will make it easier.

Knicks 5

Kidd or Foye
Jefferson (remember he can shoot mid range)

Jazz 5

Mo Williams
So the jazz should get rid of a big because they have too many but take stat back? Makes no sense. Face it we're stuck with him until he becomes an expiring contract

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