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    Default You all know the answer, yes you do.

    It's not the many well intentioned posts, like:

    STAT is a fraud.
    Start IMAN.
    Bench Fields.
    MELO needs more help.
    Trade Tony D.

    The fraud is the coach. He just watches the games, no meaningful timeouts, no demanding players do their jobs, no teaching a young PG how to run a team.

    Can the 76'ers match our name players; Stat, Melo, Chandler? No. But they have a coach who was a quality NBA player, a coach that says you will play D and execute fundamentals or sit, pays attention to the game and makes adjustments.

    Look at Miami; LeBron, Wade, and Bosh. They win a lot simply due to talent. But look at their last 3 losses, LeBron takes over, misses shots, the coach does not have the balls to put him in his place, because he is not an EX NBA player with credentials & player respect.

    I watched the Nuggets beat Miami a few nights ago. Did you notice how improved Gallo is, did you see Mosgav hitting shots and blocking shots, playing with confidence? They have a coach who demands things, teaches players the right things. Result, a team that knows their assignments, follows a game plan, etc.

    Do you really think if, say, JVG coached the Knicks they would be 6 & 7? Would IMAN be lost on what to do to run a team, would the other team hit 17 3"s and him just watch and do nothing? Would Reddick, a 6' college jump shooter drive past 6' 11" Stat and 7' Chandler and the coach just watch?

    You could add CP3 and Kobe to Stat, Melo, and Chandler and there would be confussion, missed assignments, poor floor spacing, and general player frustration & excuses with D'Toni coaching (watching) the games.

    Phil Jackson must watch & laugh. Probably tells he agent to wait a little longer, maybe ask for 12MM per year.

    Ewing does not deserve a chance at coaching in NY? Please! Oak as an assistant coach?

    Very soon the Garden will start the chant "FIRE D'TONI", and Melo, etc. will giggle & laugh because they have no respect for D'Toni.

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    You are dead on. MDA gets paid millions to have bench courtside seats to watch basketball. Must be nice. When's the last time he's done some productive coaching?

    All MDA and his family of assistant coaches do is sit around during the game and make excuses afterwards. Then the day after the loss MDA comes up with lies about how he's trying to fix what were doing wrong. Then the next game you see the same sh*t wrong and he just sits there thinking about what he's gonna buy with the millions he stole from our organization. F him and his family. We can win the next 20 straight and I'll still pray to God that he's fired.

    Like I've said for YEARS, we will NEVER win SH*T with MDA & Family as our coach. He is the joke of the NBA and he's still coaching our team.


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