I am rewatching the game as hard as that is and I'm noticing when our bench goes into the game, our lead evaporates/disappears. What about bringing in Shump off the bench to help keep our leads and get some energy off the bench? I'm not saying to give him less minutes, just change when he plays those minutes.

At one time today we had lineups of: Douglas, Fields, Walker, Jorts, Jeffries. That lineup is terrible and leads to no scoring except for the occassional Jorts/Bill Walker 3. I think if we run with a lineup of Bibby, Shump, Novak, Jorts, Jeffries off the bench we'll get more scoring from that unit than our current usage of the bench.

I dunno, something needs to change. I hate seeing us play like crap and guys like Lin and Novak never see the floor. Especially in a short season with so many back-to-backs, why is Antoni running such a short rotation. That's probably another issue with this team, they're all beat up from being overused. Ugh this team is full of problems.

Anyways what do you guys think about bringing Shump in as a 6th man?