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    Originally Posted by quiggle
    wasn't Tracy McGrady also suppose to bring the Knicks a big impact two seasons ago?
    Cmon now. Tmac was a 25 million dollar salary dump. Anything else was a bonus.

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    Originally Posted by nyk_nyk
    Whether or not we get the pre-injury Davis, his presence will put the team in alignment. The pieces will start to fit.

    We had Billups and were satisfied with him. Well, I can honestly say that a healthy Davis is just as good as Billups and maybe even better on defensive end.

    Here are stats for the last 3 years head-to-head.

    (forth coming)

    Edit: Tried to embed the table here but was giving me too much problems. Here you go instead... [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    I agree with you. The only problem I see with Davis is that he's been out for a long time and it's going to take him a good while to get his legs/shot/speed/passing back after riding the bench for so long.

    When he does get going, watch out!

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