Baron Davis will definitely play a BIG role for this team when he finally suits up in Orange & Blue. Fields, Amar'e, Chandler, and Melo need a true floor general for this team to click on offense. The black bearded shepherd needs to guide his sheep to greener pastures and feed them.

Injecting Davis into the starting lineup can solve most of our problems on offense:

*As one of the guys here in the forum stated, Fields is primarily an off-ball player who relies on sharp cuts to the basket for his points. The problem is that no one can find him when he does cut to the basket. Last year's rookie surprise has been invisible in the offense so far. Let's hope B-Diddy helps him find his game back.

*The Knicks' $33 million frontcourt of STAT & Chandler need a competent pick-n-roll partner for them to be effective in the paint. Although Melo has been doing a great job of dishing the alley oops, we shouldn't rely on our primary scorer to do EVERYTHING out there on the floor. And as we all know, STAT definitely needs that pass-first PG....... his play has been awful lately. He doesn't know how to play defense and can't keep his man in front of him. When the opponent blows by him, he decides to whack em with a frustration foul. He needs to play defense with his feet or GTFO. Sorry STAT.

*Don't get me wrong. Melo has been great for us so far and has lead the charge on offense. But IMO, The Knicks need to play less ISO for Melo where he stands still waiting to give a pass or score himself. We need B-Diddy to instill discipline in the offense and distribute the ball evenly among the starters. As history will tell us, Melo needs that disciplined PG along with him to prevent the ball from stopping in his hands or from him to attempt a lot of crazy shots.

Sure he can average 30ppg if you give him 100% freedom on offense, but we need quality shots most of the time for this team to be truly dangerous. Case and point: Melo averaged 30 ppg with AI as his PG, 1st round exit in the playoffs. With Billups, he averaged 24 ppg while playing team basketball, Western Conference Finals.