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It's sad when I read a NYK's game thread and posters predict players on the other team to have career nights.

Even though we are rebuilt with stars.

Even if they were former no-names.

Sad and pathetic.

And what's worse is they have a basis, a legit reason for thinking this... and it's just not based on this year, it's from years past.

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Would you rather we took the "Tonight's gonna be the night we turn things around" approach? We're realistic. The Knicks have made players out of Diaw, Rudy Gay, and Ryan Anderson (who shot 2-9 three's last night) in recent games; Why would you not expect another night where Mr Mediocre shines? Perimeter 'D' has been a massive issue this year and as long as it continues to be, average players will increase their chances of career nights when playing the Knicks.

Addition: Just to add that I strongly believe there will be a turnaround in performances for this team; It will, however, be gradual.