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Regardless of what people's opinion of the coach is (and believe me I have my fair share of issues with him), lack of decent coaching should not make a difference in this game. This team should be able to beat the Suns just by turning up to play. If the Knicks lose, I think there is a lot more we need to be focussing on; not just the coach.
The Knicks dont need a headcoach or coaching-staff to beat the Phoenix Suns....
the Knicks players need to lose to get Dantoni FIRED. call it Players-unity

I been mentioning for the longest u cant judge any of our players when u
have a clueless flawed headcoach.

If Phoenix headcoach George Johnson never went 6 games in a series with the
Championship Spurs, using SG-J.Johnson, SF-Marion, and PF-Stat, maybe I
would give Damnphoney some coaching credit.