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    If Nash we say 32 then yeah but also I dont want Nash because Nash would equal more C'Antoni.

    I want a head coach with a good pedigree who's learned from greats I want the next Tom Thibodeau

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    Originally Posted by CoolRunnings
    So I see a lot of people agree with Nash. The question is does Nash have 2 or 4 years left in the tank? Also Idk if you guys watched the post game but Alan Hahn said that many gm's think Nash could get more than the mid-level.

    Unless Nash has that so called love and desire that melo and STAT have for NY (sarcasm) thats the only way we will get him. We kind of did play Felton by sending him off and keep FIELDS. Felton has good situation over there in Portland and they look better than the knicks so I dont see him leaving, espicially since he played for like 4 teams in 2 years.

    Nelson I really dont have an opinion on. I just dont follow the guy and for what I do know he's always hurt.
    Nash lives in NY in the off-season, so I'm sure he'd have no opposition to the city of NY. The only thing that might happen would be if some team out there offers him a TON, but even then, ring-chasing, you know...

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    Ehhh I really wanna believe Baron plays well enough that the Knicks don't use that last MLE on a older PG. Anyhow 3 defensive liabilities as starters seems like a bad idea.

    Until proven wrong I'm on the baron bandwagon. If Eddy "Lazy Fatass" Curry can Play well I truly feel Baron can come back and play well too. If he can get the Knicks to play well then I can go back to my self delusion that the Knicks are NBA contenders and that Dolan as their owner isn't a gloomy curse of perpetual failure that hangs over the team.
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