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Knicks are 20-26 since trading for Carmelo Anthony.

We're 6-8 this year. If being 2 games under .500 wasn't bad enough, let's also mention that we've faced the EASIEST schedule in the NBA so far.

That is correct. We've had the luxury of starting the year off with the easiest schedule, yet we're still struggling. Methinks we haven't hit the low point yet: Any guess what DEN will do to us Sat night?

What's gonna happen when we start playing the good teams?

In essence, we'll be fortunate to play .500 ball against the good teams... the meaty part of our schedule. Since we didn't take advantage of the schedule so far... This also means we're going to have to dominate the sub .500 teams come March on. In other words, this NYK team will be in a dog fight to finish in the 5-7 range (and we might not even make the playoffs).

We all hope Baron Davis will be the answer. We're somewhat encouraged by the defensive effort (for the most part), & we hope this all boils down to lack of execution in the 4th Q, which isn't odd for a new team learning to gel (& sans starting caliber nba guards).

But raise your hand if you remember the last blow out? Is anything easy?

Are we fools to think Davis-Melo-Amare-Chandler are enough to make something happen in the playoffs? Toss in a SG pickup b4 the deadline. Would a bench of Jeffries, Joorts, Douglas, Walker, Shumpert, Bibby be fine?

Who knows.

I think the one thing we have to remember though... We're 6-8 because Amar'e Stoudemire & Carmelo Anthony have come up small so far. Blame the lockout, the lack of experience playing together, not having a pg or sg, D'antoni, whatever... But this is the simple truth.

IF either of our stars have been hot... we wouldn't be under .500. BUt both or ice cold. STAT doesn't even look like he cares.

Like most of you though... It's practically unwatchable basketball. I long for the team we had last season. We can only hope Baron Davis re-energizes this squad, and can return to the PG we remember he was. If that happens, and we get hot... Here cmes the #5 seed. If not? Well, whoever has our draft pick will be happy.
no matter what happens I don't trust us in the playoffs with Mike D as our coach. He never won it big in the playoffs with Steve Nash and I don't think he ever will without Steve Nash.

BUT as far as the regular season goes, the team will continue to fail and get so bad that Mike D is fired...or Baron Davis will revitilize this team.

Im hoping for the ladder.