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What the hell are you talking about??? Ball movement is something the players don't grasp yet?? They do it at the beginning of EVERY game! They eventually just stop and this is when coach needs to get at them. It's been long enough. If someone doesn't get ball movement then they need to sit down.

Chill with all the excuses man. **** is wack.
You don't understand what I'm saying NYK NYK.

What I said was ball movement within the confines of the system, ie with the proper spacing, flow and decision making.

It's NOT easy to do it right within this system. Trust me. Takes time to get used to it.. Why just be yelling at guys for something they don't grasp mentally and can't execute yet?? This is what I meant when said BEFORE that that it would be counter-productive.

Not making excuses. Just telling you what, according to my judgment, is actually happening.

You guys over simplify shet so much man lol