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you cant do that in New York its about "star" power

and its funny how in Denver he was a top 10 player playing for George Karl but now he isn't why because of D'Antoni but its whatever you guys have your own opinion but when he's carrying the team no one says anything its the coaches fault I dont know how obvious that is and oh have you ever heard of a slump Kobe slumps, Wade slumps, Durant slumps and LeBron slumps but no they're too great for their won fans to lose faith in them
Wade and Kobe have rings, Lebron and Durant are going to have rings. Melo is just a scoring small forward who can't put up 25 without taking 20 shots. And even tho he appears to be hustling on D, he still doesn't kno what he's doing out there. Like, he literally doesn't know where to stand......

I thought he was burdened with a team who couldn't help him be more efficient. But I realize that efficiency is a one-man thing, doesn't really have anything to do with your team. You either take good shots and make good decisions with the ball or you dont. Melo doesn't. If they traded away Melo and Amare tomoro, I wouldn't bat an eye.