well, this thread devolved into a Jerry Jordan discussion, shows how bad this game was.

some highlights: Clyde and Bernie King pairing up for an enlightening color commentary, pointing out all the Knicks faults throughout the game, pretty much how to play the game of basketball, not just players sucking. this is a subtle way of saying Antoni can't coach what he's got.

Antoni yelling at TD. I don't think any other coach yells at his players, I see them discussing how to play, make plays and encouraging players. Same thing happened with N8 the gr8, Antoni yelling until N8 was gone.

Melo fouling like a b*tch, just no reason for it, total bad attitude that makes it's way from the game onto the team. He may be a phenomenal shooter, but he's a sh*tty player.

Fields playing better. why he got taken out for long stretch is beyond me. oh yeah, Antoni substitution madness.

Girafferies...long neck. no offense. the man is one highlight per night, and then NOTHING.

BRANDON JENNINGS. the man Knicks management passed on for Jordan Hill (they also passed on Ty Lawson). making the Knicks pay and pay and pay and pay. what a joke, this is exactly what the Knicks have needed for the past... how many years? Felton came close to getting a true PG and he gets traded away with nothing in return as far as PG. and what have Knicks done about it?

these games are making me very sick of the whole Knicks organization. I like the players we have, but without a solid PG, we have nothing. Baron von Davis, aging and aching, is not the answer. aging Mike Booby is not the answer. Imon Shumpervert is not the answer. Toney Douglas...? hahaha. we need some BRAINS in this organization, starting at the top. D'ohlan's got to go. he's an imbecile. he doesn't see what's going on here? F*ck Antoni and his entire crew of idiots! clean out the organization! just do it!

Eli, take me away!