I can rant all day about this team but let's get things straight here. Stephen A Smith wrote an article on ESPN saying to blame the players and not the coach of this team. I'm saying blame the coach, not the players. Why?

Let's start off with the expectations. This team SHOULD be the 3rd or 4th best team in the East and averaging over 100 points a game with solid defense with Chandler here.

-We know what these players can do. Amare was nearly the MVP last year and Melo is one of the best scorers in the game.
-Shumpert was throwing down dunks on people in college and getting steals every game. He had a couple of great games with the Knicks were he changed the atmosphere.
-Douglas last year was lethal at times from behind the arc, made 9 threes against Memphis one game. We know he can't distribute BUT shooting he was known for last year.
-Tyson Chandler was one of the main reasons the Mavs won a championship. He locked down the paint and prevented Bosh, Wade, and Lebron from driving to the lane on the Mavs.
- Mike Bibby shot well from behind the arc last year, is not a starter but was a decent player that hit threes.
- Walker had plenty of good games last year where he hit threes and threw down monster dunks.
- Fields is still Fields but has upside and needs to play with a PG.

Why the Coach stinks

"Offensive genius" Mike Dantoni manages to still get credit for his offensive genius when his team is one of the worst offensive teams in the NBA. This team has two players that were allstars for years and in their prime that are known for their offense, yet we can't score enough to win games!

Players don't play to their strengths and this has gone on since Mike D has been here...

Before Melo we had Gallo never posting up and driving to the hoop, which was his obvious strength. Wilson Chandler would never post up which he would dominate people at doing. Amare was always camping too far away from the hoop and trying to do crossovers during iso's and always got turnovers....the players RARELY played to their strengths all season and this tells me the coach never addressed it OR fails to get the message to his players, either way it is is bad coaching.

Since Mike D has been here we have been the chucking team of the NBA. We chuck and chuck and live and die by the three which everyone knows is lazy offense. just run up the floor and chuck and get back quickly...this is ymca basketball or and 1 street hoops.


Amare still camps too far away from the hoop when he is lethal from inside. He has been struggling lately everywere but this started because he kept jacking up bad shots too far away from his range, starting with expanding his range to the 3 point line, which started his down slide of confidence.

Melo is jocking too much and no one is holding him accountable. When do ever see Mike D yell at Carmelo or Amare for messing up? NEVER...he only yells at the young players. This is not right. Every person should be held accountable and blamed when they mess up at that moment, not ignored for being famous.

Shumpert and Fields are not shooters, they are slashers so why are they trying to be shooters??? Because Mike D allows them to and doesn't adjust.

Why doesn't this team consistently use the pick and roll in every game?

Amare and Chandler should be getting so many open looks from this one play...PG or not. A monkey can run a decent Pick and Roll with our big men.

Our defense has barely improved. Yes it's better but that is because of Tyson Chandler. He changes everything and having Harrelson as a backup helps as well. Anything is better than Amare and Turiaf switching at Center. Mike D did not improve our defense, one player did.

We still continue to switch so quickly which causes mis matches for our players. THIS IS BAD DEFENSE! And shows me that Mike D still doesn't know what the hell he is doing when it comes to defense. Mike Woodson isn't helping either.

Our team still watches the ball and doesn't attack the glass. How can we ever get outrebounded with our players? Douglas, Fields, Melo, Amare, Chandler, Walker, Harrelson can all rebound the basketball well and yet we fail to outrebound teams consistently. This is coaching, the coach simply has to assign certain people to attack the basket or tell everyone to be more aggressive.

We don't attack the hoop and draw fouls when we have good free throw shooters. Since Mike D has been here we have always had good free throw shooting teams that never consistently went to the line. Whenever we attacked the hoop we won easily. How long did it take Chandler and Gallo to start driving? Too long because the coach never saw it in game tape or thought it was the issue until it was so late in the season.

We still don't have energy, which is simply putting in effort. Without effort it shows you don't want the win as much as someone else. And it tells me the coach can not lead his troops to battle. They are playing because they get paid to do it but they are not hungry for blood, they are going through the motions.

This would never happen with good coaches. You really think Phil Jackson would allow this to happen? Doc Rivers? Hell even Scott Skiles and Stan Van Gundy would be going insane after this game and yell at everyone, stars included.

Look at the 76ers this year. NO STARS but good old school coaching with Doug Collins. Philley is playing great this year because the coach has them playing as a team and using their strengths.

There is so much more I can put here but I don't want a story so look, our staff sucks from left to right on that Knicks bench. Mike Woodson hasn't changed anything defensively if we are switching constantly on pick and rolls and getting killed on mismatches because of it. This is not defense. It is honestly like no one is coaching these players.

If Baron Davis doesn't save us this year, which is too much pressure on one player, especially a 32 year old fragile one OR if this staff isn't changed starting with Mike NO Dantoni then we can easily miss the playoffs.

Let's stop wasting time with this clown of a coach. One of the most overrated coaches I have ever seen. Steve Nash made him look good, all of these bad seasons coaching the Knicks is proof.