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It is AI & Melo all over again. 2 high scoring, ball stopping superstars who don't play D. This is not going to cut it.

How many games have they played together? 50+? 50+ games and absolutely no chemistry between them.
...Why do people keep saying this?

STAT and Melo played fine last year after the trade.

STAT averaged 23.5 PPG on 49.1% shooting after the trade last year. STAT torched the Celtics in game 1 and we would've won that game if it weren't for that ******* Kevin Garnett tripping Toney Douglas and getting away with it.

STAT and Melo both looked good last year after the trade stat-wise. Obviously they didn't do great right off the bat because of chemistry. But you know why they were able to play OK down the stretch?

Chauncey Billups. They had a veteran PG who could give them direction. Tommy Dee even said that Chauncey Billups did way more coaching in the playoffs than Mike D'Antoni did.

The Knicks don't need a D'Antoni style PG. Or even a good PG. They just need...ANY PG. ANY point guard. Chris Duhon could facilitate this offense. This has to be the easiest offense in the NBA to facilitate, we just need someone who actually plays the point for it to happen.

STAT is not a dominant ball handler who creates his own shot off the dribble. He needs to be getting the ball in motion, close to the basket, where his physical strength and the fact that he gained 20 lbs of muscle will allow him to dunk over anybody. He's shown flashes of that ability this season, he just can't do it consistently.

Melo is a good player who can pass the ball but you can just tell by his body language - once in a while if they run a set play, he'll pass the ball out, but if he's got his mind set on making a shot, he's making the shot regardless of whether or not anybody's open. Unlike LeBron, he does not do a great job of finding open teammates, and I'd say he's a more selfish player on the court.

What these guys need is someone who is large and in charge and has a track record of success as a point guard in the NBA. Toney Douglas and Iman Shumpert do not have the credibility to direct Melo and Amar'e. But Baron Davis does, and let's hope he does it well.