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    We were up by 10+ with Lamelo on the bench, everyone was involved and as soon as Carmelo was back in the game he started bricking contested shots. Everyone watching this game, the crowd and even Breen and Clyde saw and pointed out who ruins this team by his selfish play. I don't understand how this celebrity dickhead couldn't see that attacking the basket or moving the ball and getting it back once open he would be more effective. This game should be done within 48 minutes of playing time and we should have outscored Denver... it's great Carmelo's clutch but that was him who's responsible for getting us into crunch and double OT...
    Gallo outplayed him by playing wisely, look what happened with Amare, he played pretty okay but he didn't shoot even once in the 4th and both OT's, because Lamelo was chucking... Denver won this game without FIVE of their major players...

    Landry and Toney are BOTH OPEN, Lamelo's triple-teamed and we all know this SELFISH BITCH DIDN'T PASS THE BALL!
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