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Re: Jackon and Kobe...I agree.

But also remember that that was a very difficult undertaking for Jackson, it didn't happen overnight....and Jackson already had a virtually career-long relationship with Kobe, and had been to war with him for years, and won titles.

That isn't an excuse for MDA to not take similar steps, and that he should not make progress in that area.

But this is a players' league, for better worse, and our NBA players (especially stars) are who they are. It's not like the NHL, where if a player acted like Melo (or Amare), they would be benched and told to get the **** off the ice -- by coach AND teammates.
Yeah, i know it won't be easy, but after watching last nights game, i don't think antonis even trying to curb some of these horrible shots.I think he's even encouraging them, and that's why i can't stand this coach anymore.