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    Default tell me examples of how Dolan cares for the fans

    he doesnt so it would make sense if we dont care for his product either. as long as the seats are filled and buy the merchandise subscribe cablevision do you think he cares about losing and longtime suffering no championship. all he cares about is money and no matter how dirty history attached to it. he lost no face with anucha sanders so he can go now lower in pride, so is it hard for us to ban watching the games, going to games, listen radio, supporting the team until he makes changes and no changes are made until he experiences personal loss to it. starting today not a penny of mine will go to support the knicks, rangers liberty and circus and all of you should do same.

    dolan runs madison square garden as a fascist communist even Kahn has become a puppet string now.
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    Well, that last sentence doesn't make sense. Fascism is actually the opposite of communism

    But the point is clear. Dolan = worst owner in sport and the reason why we're failing for a decade.

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