Knicks are 20-28 since Camarshmello arrived. Denver is 31-16.

Carmelo Anthony has attempted 196 3-point shots in 42 games since arriving in NY, & playing in this SSOL (Shoot a 3 offense). He's 76-196 (38% from downtown). Carmelo is a career 32% shooter from 3-point range (& is shooting 32% exactly this season; 23-71).

SEVENTY-ONE 3s in 15 games?

He's on pace to hoist up at 200 3-point attempts this SHORTENED season. Carmelo normally takes about 170 3-pointers a season.

I know it would be easy to blame the coach. And, sure, D'antoni deserves plenty of blame. I mean, last night against DEN when Stoudemire takes ZERO shots in the 3rd quarter, 4 quarter, first OT... A real coach would call a timeout at some point and draw up a play for the big ALL-STAR PF. DEMAND he gets the ball.

But coach gives these millionaire NBA players the freedom to do as they please, so ultimately the players should be responsible for the decisions they make. While I'm no fan of the SSOL system, b/c I prefer quality over quantity & I hate relying on the low % shot. I do admit, the only way to run this system is to have a PG dominate the ball and make all the decisions. He should decide who shoots & when.

BUT BACK TO THE POINT. Allowing a player like Carmelo all the freedom is a terrible thing. It's evident in his game since coming to NY. You have to compel him to work for his points. POST UP players, drive often, get to FT line. Carmelo should have played close to the basket all night against DEN. Use his strenght in the blocks. Instead he got lazy and chucked up 8 3s (1-7).

It's no wonder he got hot in the 4th when he drove it 3 consecutive times, for 6 points. We tie it, then he goes back to playing 20 feet away from the basket.

The Knicks are 3rd in the NBA in 3-point attempts per game (23). The Knicks are tied for 23rd (with WAS) in the NBA in 3-point shootng % (.307) this season.

I could write off the Carmelo situation, chalking it up to CA getting used to playing w/ Amar'e. Maybe he's giving STAT the paint. I could even say he's a perimeter player now, a point forward, b/c we currently have no PG.

But this goes beyond CA. For a team that lacks any real shooter, there's NO way we should be shooting 23 3s a game. NO WAY.

Douglas was shot 9 3s last night. Carmelo shot 7. Amar'e took 9 shots total (2 of them 3s).

Carmelo shot 7 3s last night, but only 6 free throws. Gallo shot 3 3s last night, but took 20 free throws.