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    Default What needs to change?

    Well it would be quicker to say what doesn't!

    People will go overboard on Melo putting up too many shots but with MA as the coach what is the alternative? I can't remember the last time we did anything but ISO for pretty much an entire game.

    Then there is the new soft man of the NBA. If you want to see what MA is capable of with a powerful big when the lunatics are allowed to run the asylum look no further than our new Frankenstein monster Amar'e Boshemire.

    Shumpert was flying, he was confident and relaxed but with a strange leadership quality for a rookie.... enter the malevolator that is MA.

    Fields again clearly has the talent but ... well you know the score.

    What about Chandler? One of the best defensive bigs in the league, one of the best locker room guys and leaders and what is he now? A zone defender that is easily pulled into man to man due to the fact no one else can pick up even a cold.

    This team is a joke, this coach is a joke. We need a new coach, a new owner and a new direction. I believe with the new coach and GM we will be able to revive the franchise, with a new owner we will be able to sustain that revival.

    I'm not even mad at Gallinari. It must have felt good for him to win that game since it was him who had to fall on the sword for Melo to come here. Don't get me wrong I like Melo a lot and I do think he is worth what we gave up for him BUT the fact that we didn't have to give that up and the fact that we also lost Donnie as well? Far too heavy a price to pay.

    MA is incompetent and Boshemire and Melo have got theirs and that was all that mattered to them.
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