Ok, I don't believe that this Dwight to The Knicks deal is going to really happen, yet lets be real here, it really comes down to us thinking it's too good to be true, right?

But as much as I don't (or refuse to let myself belief) I have to at least examine how this coud/would work and it would work out almost perfect!

Of course a deal could not be stuck until March when Chandler would be availabe, so let's fast forward to there

We send Tyshon Chandler, Bibby and Amare to Orlando for Dwight and Nelson

We then send Nelson to Atl. for Hinrich who has not played a game yet this season and has an expiring deal who could easily just be cut or replaces Bibby

Orlando now loaded with 3 PF's sends Ryan Anderson to Min. for JJ Berea who is the odd man out with Rubio coming along so fast, Anderson fits in with Minny's style and he has an expiring deal if somehow he does not

Nelson is a good fit for what Atl. has on their roster


JJ Berea/Bibby

not a bad roster to end up with after trading your franchise player!!

For The Knicks, we will have the ability to get those incoming players from China at that point....Kmart is the first player that comes to mind, plus the minny MLE, maybe JR Smith?

Davis/Douglas/ Hinrich (a favorite of mine)

And this summer The Knicks could have up to 18 million in cap!