To be honest, I'd like to see us work with what we *have* at this point.

I also would not want to commit to trading either Melo or Amare until we are more certain in how able they can be enmeshed together in a cohesive system.

With a good coach and a PG who can perform the obvious necessary duties of distribution and running an offense as floor general, I see zero reason why they can't.

I actually have argued, right when Melo came, they should be a *LETHAL* pair if coached properly and in the right offensive system.

Plus, we have a in his prime, true defensive center, champion, and one who also can move and generate points -- especially in the type of offense that will best unleash Amare and Melo together.

If we are able to create a fluid team that maximizes Amare and Melo playing together, alongside Chandler -- and I believe the system that best does this is one that MDA is as good as anyone with...up tempo, free flowing, quick decisions, and where spacing is away 2 of those three, even for Howard, would be a mistake.

Howard's championship mettle (or lack thereof), and his obvious weakness of FT%, not to mention clear reservations about being a NY'er, make me question him, too.

Let's keep fighting, get a PG (be it Baron this season, or a MLE type in the off-season), use our 2.5M exception on some added depth this year, and become champions under the direction and coaching of MDA. Or fire him and replace him ASAP if we aren't immediately contending on a level equal to at least the Ewing Knicks era.