He said forget about swingin CHandler Stat for Turk Howard

He believe Knicks should swing Melo for D-will

Melo has strong unity with Jay-Z and Nets was his 2nd otpion. He could sit out and not play in NJ, to rest his injuries and improve the pick. He will have Brooks Lopez & Brooks and top 3 pick (Anthony Davis & Andre Drummond) and cap space to sign allstar PG like Mo Williams

Chris said Knicks should sign Kenyon Martin. But I think the best option is to Rasheed Wallace + we don't have wait until March to sign Wallace

Nets get Melo
Grizzlies get Morrow Walker
Knicks get D_will T.Allen S.Young

Now we championship defense and depth NBA champs
D.Will Allen Young Stat Chandler
BD Shumpert Fields Wallace Jorts
Jeffries Douglas

Nets in 2012-13 draft Andre Drummond or Anthony Davis sign Mo-Will 5yr 60mil
Mo_will Brooks Melo Shawne Lopez
Farmar Stevenson James Drummond/Davis Petro

finally of his last predictions some close to this I added the Martin for MoWill

Magic get Bynum Artest Thabeet Flynn
Rockets get Gasol Turk
Lakers get Mo-Will Howard Scola
Clippers get Kevin Martin

Lakers WCF finals exit
Mo-Will Kobe Ebanks Scola Howard
Fisher Barnes Kapono McRoberts Murphy

Clippers trade w/ Bucks Jackson Moute for Butler Gomes 2nd round exit
CP3 K-mart Jackson Griffin Jordan
Billups Foye Moute Evans Thompkins

Rockets 2nd round exit
Lowry Lee Budinger Gasol Dalembert
Dragic Williams Turk Patterson Hill

Magic 2nd round exit
Nelson J-Rich Artest Andersen Bynum
Flynn Reddick Q-Rich Davis Thabeet