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Typical live or die by threes... better ball and off the ball movement, but once Miami defense was set I knew it's not going to fly. At least I didn't see much of ballhogging. Fields looks like he's permanently back. Walker was red hot... but Amare and Chandler were neutralized. Well, it wasn't a blowout and I had a lot of fun watching this game.
I turned the game off I was so frustrated there in the 4th.

It was a terrible game to watch. We played outside in like always. We only stayed in the game SOMEWHAT because we hit our threes. We had about 20 possessions in which we let the shot clock go down to 2 and had to chuck... LIKE ALWAYS.

Dude this is the same team we've seen all team all season and the end of last season. MDA can't figure it out, lets find someone who can.