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Felton didn't make STAT, it was mutual. Do you see how Felton is playing without STAT right now? He's just another average point guard. He's not doing "very well". He's went from being an all star PG to just another player on a deep team.

Your right about one thing though. STAT NEEDS a point guard who can execute the pick and roll and create shots (easy shots) for him. So yes your right about that. When you look it at that way, it makes you feel like we overpaid him loads.

But if we give STAT that point guard, a guy who can make his life easier, than STAT becomes an elite PF again, and starts earning his money. Can Davis be that guy? Let's hope so....If not, STAT is going to struggle unless we bring in Nash next year, and we'll continue to look like an ugly a** offense.

I totally understand your frustration with him. But lets not give up on him just yet. Let's see how well he plays with Davis. Hopefully they can both make each other better like STAT/Felton did.

And on a side note, I'm just curious as to what STAT's been doing in the offseason that upset you? I honestly don't know what he did.

Good post bro!

I'm maybe a bit old-school on that one, but like Stephen A. Smith - I hate it when players who haven't won anything yet act like they're champions. You gotta earn that ring first, then you can act like the world is yours. STAT, Lebron, Melo and a few others are way too loud for guys who haven't won a championship, Melo and STAT haven't even been to the Finals, let alone won MVP trophies.

I don't hear much about Melo's off-court activities, so I'm a little cooler with him. STAT on the other hand is in fashion magazines, shooting rap videos, attending fashion shows, radio shows etc. every other day it seems (atleast in the off season), delivering fine speeches about us contending for a championship this year etc.

I prefer it when people shut up until they've won something...after that you can talk as much as you like...every day, but win first please, because everything else makes you look like a complete douchebag in my oppinion.

The grill after the Denver game I think it was got me freaking out then, I thought it was totally disrespectful to us fans, who suffer on telly and at the Garden - and he doesn't give a **** and is just bragging with some new 'jewlery' in his mouth...very bad timing and a very bad example to children who see this and think they need to copy that, because their favourite player does that and they want to be as cool as him.

Those are the major reasons I'm mad at him.