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Is it all Mike D's fault? No. There's a plethora of options to pick from that correspond to this team being so utterly ****ing horrible.
I would say MDA is mostly to blame for it. Here's why.

Our offense is run EXACTLY how he wants it. Run & gun, pick & roll all game, SSOL, chucking 3's, perimeter ball movement, outside/inside b-ball. That system has PROVEN to NOT work unless he has a team full of All-Star SG's/SF's that ALL can nail the 3 consistently and still play defense... AND even then they still didn't win sh*t.

Problem is we don't have those type of players. Does that mean our players aren't good? Does that mean they can't coexist? Does that mean we have to trade away our team and start over? NO, NO, and even more NO!

It all comes down to the fact that this system and this coach DOES NOT WORK for our players, especially NOT our all-stars. We can't consistently hit the 3 ball because we don't have the personnel to do so... Key word Consistently. Also, we can't consistently hit 3's because team's end up ADJUSTING their defense if we start hitting our three's to just cover the perimeter because they know we can't drive the basketball HARD and FINISH HARD. Landry tried last night but it was a joke and Douglas stares at his shoe laces when he's dribbling around the court like a madman while turning the ball over.

When have we seen this coach try something new like inside out bball. Traingle O. Something? This team will suck no matter who we get until this garbage @ss coach is gone. Mark my words, pretty soon Melo and Chandler are going to start calling MDA out in the media. Watch. They're too passionate to keep losing like this in MDA's system fit for an undersized team of misfits.